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Hi I hope someone may help me to get a better understanding of the Cassandra software distribution process.

I‘m wondering what’s the optimal way the build a test, stage, prod environment with Cassandra and perform a release. I couldn’t find any concepts so far.

The challenge: During the lifecycle of software, objects and data-model will change. When using a relational database I would attach an update.sql script to the new software release, may think about some additional data-migration steps and wait for the big switch-over day.

But what do I have to do, when there is a big Cassandra cluster deployed to multiple data-centres?

I think about versioning the used objects itself and build some logic at the software data-object-layer to manage different object versions. So I would avoid the migration project and would have built-in row by row, object by object migration.

But maybe there is a better recommend concept available, or some built in functions?

Thanks for your help.

Regards, Tobi

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