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I just started learning about RDF and my question is: What is the purpose of the blank node?


ex:John   foaf:knows       _:p1
_:p1      foaf:birthDate   04-21

This means that John knows someone who is born on 04-21.

But I can't understand the purpose.

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This usage is accurate, but I don't know if it happens all that commonly. I think a much more common use is in representing n-ary relations. You can read more about these in Defining N-ary Relations on the Semantic Web. Another very common use is in writing OWL ontology serializations where many OWL class expressions become blank nodes. –  Joshua Taylor Nov 19 '13 at 14:57

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For your simple example the reason for the blank node would be that you do not know anything else about this person born on 04-21, except that John knowns him or her. You have insufficient knowledge to give him/her a proper URI and simply add the two known statements.

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A blank node is a node that does not have a URI as its identifier. Simple question come why don't we give/use a URI to that node also, the simple reason is that node-detail (URI) is not having much link/importance to our document/rdf. If particular node details is directly or indirectly link to our content then we should provided/use URI to it.

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