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I am working with angular js in my eclipse ide but i could not find good angularjs plugis for eclipse. I went through and it was not giving me proper instructions to install the plugin. Is there any other plugins to work with angularjs in eclipse ide. I worked with jsdt also which is only suitable to javascript but not for angulrjs.

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Seems on the github they don't include the jar's for the plugin. Looks like you need to pull the project and build it yourself to install it. – Danny Nov 19 '13 at 13:32

Or maybe you could use this plugin :

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Worked for me too :) – sparsh610 Apr 25 '15 at 10:18

Well, unfortunately not much has changed since these questions - so I don't want to repeat what is written there but just the advice to read it there (esp. the second one):

What is the best IDE for AngularJS?


Configuring angularjs with eclipse IDE

Personally I would say: Use Webstorm/IDEA, it is so much better for HTML/CSS/JS-development in general :-)

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  • Use AngularJS Eclipse 0.5.0 plug-in from Eclipse Marketplace,

    Install AngularJS Eclipse

  • Then Right Click on your Project --> Configure --> Convert to Angularjs Project

    Convert Angularjs Project

Now you can see the Angularjs tags in Eclipse Editor.

AngularJS Tags are available.

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