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Basically my goal is for my page content div to be encapsulated in a round rectangle. Sort of like this:

Top of round rect (White)
Page content (uses a white rectangular css background) 
Bottom of round rect(White)

So then the page content section can be as long as I need and retain the round rect shape. I'm just not sure the best way to do this. I tried adding an img to the top of pagecontent div, but the transparent areas were overridden by the pagecontent's background. Thanks

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I see this is already on – Jason Rowe Jan 5 '10 at 16:20
I didn't get an answer there, and I could not find anything on this on Google – jmasterx Jan 5 '10 at 16:21
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If I understand what you mean you should put the top and bottom divs outside of the content div :

<div id=top>&nbsp;</div>
<div id=middle>

... insert page content ...

<div id=bottom>&nbsp;</div>

and then in the css

#top {
 background : url("top.png") no-repeat bottom center;
 height : <height of image in pixels>px;
 padding : 0;
 margin: 10px auto 0 auto;
 width:<required width>

#middle {
 background : url("middle.png") repeat-y top center;
 padding : 0;
 margin: 0 auto 0 auto;
 width:<required width>

#bottom {
 background : url("bottom.png") no-repeat top center;
 height : <height of image in pixels>px;
 padding : 0;
 margin: 0 auto 10px auto;
 width:<required width>
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The famous Sliding Doors technique may be what you need. You may need to add an additional repeating image to make it infinitely long.

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