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I implemented this simple script to make a "smooth scroll" effect when the target link is clicked:

 (function() {

'use strict';

// Feature Test
if ( 'querySelector' in document && 'addEventListener' in window && Array.prototype.forEach ) {

    // Function to animate the scroll
    var smoothScroll = function (anchor, duration) {

        // Calculate how far and how fast to scroll
        var startLocation = window.pageYOffset;
        var endLocation = anchor.offsetTop;
        var distance = endLocation - startLocation;
        var increments = distance/(duration/16);
        var stopAnimation;

        // Scroll the page by an increment, and check if it's time to stop
        var animateScroll = function () {
            window.scrollBy(0, increments);

        /....Other code irrilevant to the question./

                 Interval(animateScroll, 16);


    // Define smooth scroll links
    var scrollToggle = document.querySelectorAll('.scroll');

    // For each smooth scroll link
    [].forEach.call(scrollToggle, function (toggle) {

        // When the smooth scroll link is clicked
        toggle.addEventListener('click', function(e) {

            // Prevent the default link behavior

            // Get anchor link and calculate distance from the top
            var dataID = toggle.getAttribute('href');
            var dataTarget = document.querySelector(dataID);
            var dataSpeed = toggle.getAttribute('data-speed');

            // If the anchor exists
            if (dataTarget) {
                // Scroll to the anchor
                smoothScroll(dataTarget, dataSpeed || 500);

        }, false);



So when i click on a link signed with the class .scroll the page slowly scroll down to the target anchor. In a semi-blank page everything works fine but after i added a slideshow made with jmpress plugin the smooth scroll stopped to work. Does anyone knows jmpress plugin enough to understand why this are in conflict?

Excuse me for my bad english

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I am not aware of jmpress plugin but as you mentioned that it conflicts with other jquery. If so then wrap your function like this:





you can use jQuery.noConflict() method.

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.noConflict() method works well, thanks a lot –  Matt Marked Dec 13 '13 at 1:01

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