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I have an iOS development License through the company I work for. I also, have a completely separate personal iOS Development License for things I do on the side. Can I have profiles and certificates for development and deployment to the app store for both of these licenses together on the same MAC? How is this accomplished? How do I assure that I don't get the profiles switched when deploying to the app store?

Thanks, Curtis

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Yes you can, that scenario is quite common.

Just have both installed in your Mac, and change them from the properties of your project every time you create a new project. Every project will be linked to the specific certificate.

To change it, just click on your project, then Build settings, and set it here:

enter image description here

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Can you add a screen shot of the property in Xcode. It would a long way to making this answer really great. –  Black Frog Nov 19 '13 at 15:11

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