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MIDI Patchbay is a utility for Mac OSX that lets you pass MIDI data between musical hardware and software.

Is there an equivalent utility for Windows operating systems? (I've done due diligence, and haven't found anything worthwhile)

My use case: I'd like to write a program that generates MIDI data and sends it to Propellerhead Reason in real-time.

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MIDI Yoke is definitely useful for this, but another option is to use the virtualMIDI driver by Tobias Erichsen. It is quite handy.

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I have a feeling that MIDI-OX or MIDI Yoke from midiox can do this

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Yep, I use all of them. To add a penny don't forget to try Soundigy Midi Patchbay. It's free (they also offer paid version - Midi Patchbay Extended, and Midi Processor, but that's the software of other sort...).

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