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I have two tables:

create table test1 (
oldPrimaryKey varchar(100) primary key, 
someText varchar(100)

create table test2 (
someText varchar(100),
 oldPrimaryKey varchar(100) references test1(oldPrimaryKey)

I need to change oldPrimaryKey to new one so I do this:

  1. Drop old one key:

    • alter table test1 drop constraint test1_pkey;
    • alter table test2 drop constraint test2_oldprimarykey_fkey;
  2. Create new column:

    • alter table test1 add column newPrimaryKey bigint;
  3. Populate it using sequence:
    • create sequence add_id_seq start with 1 increment by 1 cache 1;
    • update test1 set newPrimaryKey = nextval('add_id_seq');
  4. Change “newPrimaryKey” column to be primary key:
    • alter table test1 add constraint keyName primary key(newPrimaryKey);

Now I have something like this:

  oldprimarykey character varying(100) NOT NULL,
  sometext character varying(100),
  newprimarykey bigint NOT NULL,
  CONSTRAINT keyname PRIMARY KEY (newprimarykey)

  sometext character varying(100),
  oldprimarykey character varying(100),
  CONSTRAINT test2_oldprimarykey_fkey FOREIGN KEY (oldprimarykey)
      REFERENCES test1 (oldprimarykey) MATCH SIMPLE

I don’t know what to do now (some script?). I need to change value from table test2 column oldprimarykey to corresponding value from table test1 column newprimarykey.

If it is too chaotic I will try to give an example of the normal data:

Rows from table1 (oldprimarykey, sometext, newprimarykey):

  1. test@test.com, ‘some text’, 1
  2. test2@test.com, ‘more text’, 2

Corresponding rows from table2 (sometext, oldprimarykey):

  1. ‘some text’, test@test.com
  2. ‘text text’, test2test.com

I want to change email adress from table2 to corresponding int from table1.

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This should do it:

update test2
  set newprimarykey = t1.newprimarykey
from test1 t1
where t1.oldprimarykey = test2.oldprimarykey;

SQLFiddle example: http://sqlfiddle.com/#!15/e558a/1

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Thank you very much for your help. –  NoName Nov 19 '13 at 19:37

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