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I have a problem, when I try to find if a entry exists in my Hash of Hash and if it don't exists, Perl create me this entry. Exemple of my code :

use warnings;
use strict;

my %hash;

$hash{'key1'}{'subkey1'} = "value1";

if ( defined($hash{'key2'}{'subkey2'}) ) {
    print "Here\n";

print keys %hash;

This code return :


What is the best way to catch if this entry exists AND DONT add this in the Hash ? I have try with "exists" "defined" and it's a same thing.

Thank's for your support. And sorry for my English.

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You must first test for key2 before you can test for subkey2

if (defined($hash{'key2'}) && defined($hash{'key2'}{'subkey2'}) ) {
    print "Here\n";

Otherwise, Perl creates $hash{'key2'} in order to check for subkey2.

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Or just drop in the autovivification module and include the no autovivification; pragma. –  Kenosis Nov 19 '13 at 19:08
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