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What are the available options for creating applications that allow preview of a webcam and exporting the current webcam image to file?

EDIT: I've since found that MS Media Foundation offers similar features to DirectShow that work from Vista upwards. However, while apparently possible, the documentation, samples, and forums don't suggest an easy way to perform the above. On the other hand, with DirectShow you can fairly easily merge two of the sample apps to achieve it.

EDIT: Researching available camera APIs I've also found the MS MediaCapture API looks useful but this seems to be only available on windows 8 (and may be limited to managed C++/.net/javascript).

EDIT: DirectShow is supported on the Windows 8 standard desktop (For Metro style applications the video platform is Media Foundation).

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Consider using directshow. You may have a look here

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Thanks @deeiip, I did use directshow. –  FruitBreak Jun 20 '14 at 14:33

You basically found the answers yourself. DirectShow and Media Foundation are the APIs. Neither of the two cover all Microsoft environments: Metro supports a subset of MF, and MF is not available in legacy OSes. DirectShow is presumably easier, more flexible, with more sample code around.

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