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I have a remote repository on github upstream that is cloned of another github repository origin. The origin repository has several branches: master, v1_x, v2_x. I'd like to fix a bug in v1_x, and then forward port that change to the other branches v2_x and master.

How do I set up/create a branch in my local repository to track origin/v1_x, and push to a feature branch upstream/my_awesome_bug_fix?

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To set up your branch to track origin/v1_x:

git checkout -b my_awesome_bug_fix -t origin/v1_x

Then you can get updates from origin with:

git pull

To push your branch to upstream:

git push upstream my_awesome_bug_fix

I would probably keep it this way for clarity and explicitness of what's being sent where. But, if you want to be able to use both git pull and git push on your branch without specifying the remote, be sure you have push.default set to "current", and add a push url to your origin remote:

git config push.default current
git remote set-url --push origin <upstream-url>

Now git pull should fetch and merge changes from v1_x on origin, and git push should push changes to my_awesome_bug_fix on upstream.

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