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Is it possible to have a trigger that creates another trigger?

For example, I have table_1 with a column table_name. On inserting into table_1 the first trigger would create a trigger for the table inserted as table_name? I have not found much info on this.

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What have you tried? Build the TSQL for the new trigger and create it using sp_executesql? –  HABO Nov 19 '13 at 20:47
This has a really really bad smell to it.... I wouldn't design a system like that. Tables and their triggers should be handled by proper DDL scripts and be under your control - you shouldn't be creating tables (and triggers) dynamically upon an insert ..... –  marc_s Nov 19 '13 at 21:34

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Trigger enables you to run dynamic SQL, in which you can create what objects you like, including other triggers (assuming you have the right permissions).

You can do that by using sp_executesql, it executes a Transact-SQL statement or batch that can be reused many times, or one that has been built dynamically. The Transact-SQL statement or batch can contain embedded parameters

This seems tough as a (very) bad design. So go ahead and try that (or not*).

*You can state your problem to begin with, may be in programmers (if it's more a design oriented question) or in Database Administrators, and you may get better help.

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