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I've been looking at Groovy a little lately, and I love the idea of the Groovy Web Console.

I'm idly wondering whether there's a way to embed a simple web control to write and run scripts from in a web app I might put together myself.

  • Is there a plugin-style solution to embed a control like this?
  • Are there any resources or guidance out there to help in persisting source code?
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The Grails web framework has the Grails console which is basically a Groovy console that has access to your web app's state. More specifically, in the Grails console there are a bunch of predefined variables which you can use to access/change the web app at runtime. For example ctx is a predefined variable that provides access to the application's Spring beans (AKA ApplicationContext).

Normally the grails console runs as a desktop app, but there's a plugin available that will let you include it as part of the application itself, and therefore use it via a web browser.

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That does sound like the obvious way to do it. Does the plugin run the console in any sort of sandbox? Otherwise, it could be a security nightmare. –  Matt Passell Jan 24 '10 at 21:30
no sandbox, but it's up to the application developers to either disable it on production, or put it behind a layer of security. For example, if you have an apache -> tomcat configuration, you could protect it on the apache side. –  Jean Barmash May 28 '12 at 12:49

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