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Do the Struts 2 expression and/or fieldexpression validators support automatically rendering client-side ECMAScript/JavaScript validation for the OGNL expression defined in the validation XML file, like what is done for the other bundled validators (requiredstring, stringlength, etc.)?

I ask, because the following ECMAScript is rendered for client-side for this form, and I don't see my OGNL expression anywhere. I've tried the expression and fieldexpression validators and they both render this:

function validateForm_dlgIdSearch_form() {
    form = document.getElementById("dlgIdSearch_form");

    var errors = false;
    var continueValidation = true;
    // field name: searchFilter.number
    // validator name: fieldexpression
    if (form.elements['searchFilter.number']) {
        field = form.elements['searchFilter.number'];
        var error = "Employee number is required.";

    return !errors;

I am trying to require at least one of three search fields, and I'm not sure if I've made a mistake or if Struts 2's validation doesn't support automatic client-side ECMAScript generation for expression and fieldexpression validators.

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After much testing, I'm convinced that expression and fieldexpression validators do not render client-side JavaScript validation.

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