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I'm making some sort of game which an object is inside a grid. I want the user be able to press and move his finger horizontally or vertically and the object moves according to his finger's move, horizontally or vertically.

I tried using:

<Grid MouseEnter="Grid_MouseEnter" MouseMove="Grid_MouseMove">
    <Image Source="..." Width="50" Height="50"/>

but it seems those events are useless.

How can I know position of user's finger on an element (Grid) continuously? thanks

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You might want to look into Thumb:… – McGarnagle Nov 19 '13 at 22:46
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You should take a look at the Manipulation events,

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thanks @Pantaloons, I'm checking it – user2970840 Nov 19 '13 at 22:57

You shall use a canvas as the parent control for dragging an object, and use MouseDragElementBehavior for dragging. Somtehing like this would help

MouseDragElementBehavior dragBehavior1 = new MouseDragElementBehavior();
                    dragBehavior1.Attach(object to be dragged);
 dragBehavior1.ConstrainToParentBounds = true; //for restricting the object's movement outside the canvas.
BehaviorCollection BehaviorColl1 = Interaction.GetBehaviors(object to be dragged);
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