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I'm using Mantle to help me transform model objects to JSON. One of my objects contains a centroid property defined as follows:

@property (assign) CLLocationCoordinate2D centroid;

When I deal with the server I receive the property in this format:

centroid: {
      lat: "38.416600086777166",
      lon: "-88.29868011101323"

So I decided to implement a custom JSON transformer that's available in the MTLJSONSerializing protocol, defined as follows:

+ (NSValueTransformer*)centroidJSONTransformer {
    return [MTLValueTransformer transformerWithBlock:^CLLocationCoordinate2D(NSDictionary *dict) {
        NSNumber *latitude = dict[@"lat"];
        NSNumber *longitude = dict[@"lon"];

        return CLLocationCoordinate2DMake([latitude doubleValue], [longitude doubleValue]);

The trouble that I run into is that the + (instancetype)transformerWithBlock:(MTLValueTransformerBlock)transformationBlock method inside of MTLValueTransformer takes in a block of type typedef id (^MTLValueTransformerBlock)(id);, which returns a value of type id or any objective-c pointer object.

However what I would like to do instead is return the CLLocationCoordinate2D type, which is a scalar, non-id type. Short of defining my own custome implementation of transformerWithBlock: is there a clean way I can make this happen?

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try wrap it with NSValue –  Bryan Chen Nov 19 '13 at 23:46
Which API? The only generic API of NSValue is + valueWithNonretainedObject: which takes in id-type objects as opposed to scalars. –  Andrew Lauer Barinov Nov 19 '13 at 23:49
@AndrewLauerBarinov, see my answer, but that's not true. NSValue has several methods for wrapping various kinds of values including arbitrary scalar values, pointers, and NSRanges. The +valueWithNonretainedObject: is probably the least used of the NSValue convenience functions. –  Andrew Madsen Nov 19 '13 at 23:55
Yup @AndrewMadsen I'm noticing it now. I was just looking at the available APIs from autocomplete. –  Andrew Lauer Barinov Nov 20 '13 at 0:49

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You can wrap primitive/scalar values in NSValue to pass them to/from methods, functions, or blocks expecting an id:

NSValue *value = [NSValue valueWithBytes:&coordinate objCType:@encode(CLLocationCoordinate2D)];

Then, to get the CLLocationCoordinate2D back out:

CLLocationCoordinate2D coordinate;
[value getValue:&coordinate];

As of iOS 6 (and presumably OS X 10.8, though I haven't checked), there's the NSValue MapKit Additions category which adds methods to NSValue to wrap and unwrap CLLocationCoordinate2Ds:

NSValue *value = [NSValue valueWithMKCoordinate:coordinate];
CLLocationCoordinate2D coordinate = [value MKCoordinateValue];
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Great answer. Thanks! –  Andrew Lauer Barinov Nov 20 '13 at 0:49

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