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So basically I've created two classes "public class A" and "public class B extends A". I want to create an ArrayList that contains both objects and be able to access both of their methods. Is this possible and how could I do it?

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You have an Animal and a Dog (which is an animal) class and you want an arraylist to hold both of them. What should be type of arraylist ? Animal or Dog ? This is best I can do without giving you an actual answer. –  Prateek Nov 20 '13 at 0:20
This might answers your question. –  MZ4Code Nov 20 '13 at 0:22

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An ArrayList<B> won't hold objects of type A, so that can't work.

An ArrayList<? extends A> won't work either. The compiler won't know which subtype of A (or A itself) it really is, so it won't allow adding anything but null with the add method.

Generally the best you can do is to use an ArrayList<A>.

There could be methods that are defined in A but not B. Here B simply inherits the A method and can be called using an A reference.

There could be methods that are defined in both A and B. Here B overrides A's method. Polymorphism indicates that B's method will be called on objects whose runtime type is B.

There could be methods that are defined only in B. With an A reference they are inaccessible. But at runtime you can check the type with instanceof:

for (A a : arrayList)
   if (a instanceof B)
      B b = (B) a;
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ArrayList<A> myArray;

This array list will hold objects of type A and type B.

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