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I am trying to use the will_paginate gem to paginate my blog posts, i am also using Sinatra and Sequel for the blog. I receive an error stating "undefined method `paginate'". And i have tried everything to make it work, but its always the same error.

page = params.fetch "page", 1
per_page = params.fetch "per_page", 3
@posts = Post.order(:id).paginate(page.to_i,per_page.to_i)

OR @posts = Post.paginate(:page => params[:page])

Both produce the same error no matter which query i provide.

Is there any way to make this work, or is there any other way so i could paginate my posts using sequel and Sinatra please ?

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Not specifically Sequel-related, but you can paginate any collection (even those will_paginate doesn't integrate with by default) using this:

require 'will_paginate/collection'
paged_collection =
  WillPaginate::Collection.create(page, per_page, total_count) do |pager|


Try this:

require 'will_paginate'
require 'will_paginate/sequel'
require 'sequel/extensions/pagination'

page = params.fetch "page", 1
per_page = params.fetch "per_page", 3
@posts = Post.order(:id).extension(:pagination).paginate(page.to_i,per_page.to_i)
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I am new to Ruby in overall, this is my first project with it. So can you be more specific please ? ..i can send you my code and try to work this together ... –  uklp Nov 20 '13 at 0:54
More specific? This is pretty much plug-and-play. Put Post.order(:id) for collection, to_i what you have to to_i, and replace paged_collection with @posts. If you don't know total_count, you can leave it off. Where specifically do you have a problem? –  Amadan Nov 20 '13 at 0:56
So after i declare 'page' and 'per_page' as i did in the main question ( i am leaving off total_count ), and i write -" @posts = WillPaginate::Collection.create(page, per_page) do |pager|, pager.replace(Post.order(:id)), end "- i receive an error stating "no implicit conversion of Sequel::SQLite::Dataset into Array" ..p.s. THANK YOU FOR YOU PATIENCE –  uklp Nov 20 '13 at 1:09
Okay, upon a bit more research on Sequel, seems a) your code does not actually return rows, and b) will_paginate does support Sequel, so... I'll update the answer. –  Amadan Nov 20 '13 at 2:20
I could not check it till now. And YES it does seem to paginate the posts. But I have one more issue, for example I have 9 posts, and i make them to show 3 per page as in the example, so where are the other 6 posts located, what is the URL for browsing them now ? ..THANK YOU for all your help though, you are being really helpful. –  uklp Nov 20 '13 at 13:21

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