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I am formatting my dissertation document using a class usfdis.cls from However due to new specifications, the Appendices titles should now be Single-space and aligned to the left margin.

The code referred to the appendix section in the usfdis.cls is the following:

\renewcommand{\appendix}{% Appendices have a cover page and different
                 % layout
 \begin{center}{\chpsformat Appendices\par}
\addtolength{\textheight}{-2\baselineskip+3pt} %<--- Weird 3.5pt
\setlength{\headsep}{2\baselineskip-3pt}%            it's magic!
\gdef\@chapapp{\appendixname }%
\def\@oddhead{\vbox{\chapalign\chpformat (continued) } }


One option is to put the appendices as sections instead of Chapters and then they are going to be aligned to the left but I need also to have the section titles as for example: Appendix A: Name of Appendix A Appendix B: Name of Appendix B, etc

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