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I am working on a distributed system over asynchronous messages. I would like to document the supported messages, in other words, the various messages types with its fields, sizes, types, description, supported values, etc, etc. I think a clear documentation of the messages is very important for the long-term success of the project. Something like:

  • this is the message I sent went I want to authenticate

  • these are the messages I can receive in response

Then you click on any message and you can check its fields, sizes, etc.

I know I can do that on a wiki, but I was hoping for a tool more targeted to that message protocol/format purpose.

Anyone had that need in the past and can throw some suggestions?


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Maybe soapui can help you. But before you must enricher the document in your ide (eclipse, netbeans) with plugins to add comments, etc and soap ui get all datas.

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