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I am trying to get this class name dynamically in jquery:

echo "<div id=\"maini\" class=\"type_" .$category. " start_" .$adSize. " color_" .$color. "\"> \n";
     echo " " . $siteName . " \n";  
echo "</div> \n";

as you can see the class name is generated with PHP.

I need the class name for this snippet of code. But what I tried does not work -> $("div." + :

    $(document).ready(function() {
        maini_s = $("div." +;
        num_of_arts = maini_s.length;
        ipp = 3;

Here is the entire js file in case you need to see the other elements before.

var maini_s;
var num_of_arts;
var ipp;

function handlePaginationClick(new_page_index, pagination_container) {
    var pc = $(pagination_container);
    for(var i=new_page_index*ipp; i < (new_page_index+1)*ipp ;i++) {
        if (i < num_of_arts) {
    return false;

$(document).ready(function() {
    maini_s = $("div." +;
    num_of_arts = maini_s.length;
    ipp = 3;

    // First Parameter: number of items
    // Second Parameter: options object
    $("#News-Pagination").pagination(11, {
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To get the classname, just pull the class attribute:

var className = $(".element").attr("class");

Be sure that you take into consideration that sometimes elements have multiple class names, seperated by spaces.

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I may be missing something but the syntax...

"div." +

would be looking for DIVs with the class name contained in, not the ID. If you want to select by ID, I believe you'd want...

"div#" +

which would use the # ID selector and not the . class selector.

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you call maini_s = $("div." +; from the $(document).ready(function()

The this keyword in this case refers to the window.document element .. which normally has no id ..

are you sure you want to run it from there ? or perhaps a click event on some other item ?

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