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I have one python package A which has depends on another private package named godot(hosted at bitbucket, and should be accessed by git+ssh protocol). In package A's setup.py, I have following code:


I have two questions here:

  1. Now setuptools 1.4 (latest stable version) does not support 'git+ssh' protocol, only code in the development branch handle this protocol: Python setuptools: How can I list a private repository under install_requires?. I have installed the development version via:

    pip install --upgrade --force-reinstall hg+https://bitbucket.org/pypa/setuptools#egg=setuptools

    I almost solved this bit, but I wonder If any other approach available? Invoke pip install -r requirements.txt(have git+ssh://git@bitbucket.org/xxx/godot.git#egg=godot list in requirements.txt)?

  2. The second question is name conflict. There is another package on pypi also named godot, So when I install package A using follow command, pip install the godot from pypi index:

    pip install git+ssh://git@pypi.corp.com/xxx/A.git#egg=A

    How could force pip(setup.py) to install the private godot package, rather than the one on pypi index?

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