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This seems to be a hot topic and all answers I found so far has been when you know the size on the fixed part.

In my case I have a JQuery button to the left and then I will fill a div with the remaining space to the right of the button.

Since JQuery is flexible in size, I do not know the size of the button.

Here is a fiddle:

.ui-item {
    font-size: 0.9em;
    margin: 3px 0;
    width: 200px;

.ui-post-item {
    border-color: #888;

.ui-post-icon {
    border-right: 1px;
    border-color: #888; 

<div class="ui-widget ui-item">
    <button class="ui-button ui-widget-content ui-state-default ui-button-icon-only ui-post-icon ui-corner-left">
        <span class="ui-button-icon-primary ui-icon ui-icon-closethick"></span>
        <span class="ui-button-text">Button with icon only</span>
    <div class="ui-button ui-widget-content ui-corner-right ui-button-text-only ui-post-item">
        <span class="ui-button-text">Item</span>

If you have a look at the fiddle, I want the "Item" part to go all the way to the right of its container (surrounding <div class="ui-widget ui-item">). I have set this to 200px for demonstration, but it would more likely be 100% in reality. The point is, I want the div to be filled with the button and "Item".

I know that I'm not supposed to add the button classes manually, but I'm elaborating with a new widget I'm making, so any comment about using .button() is irrelevant...

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What do you want the output to look like? It looks as you described to me –  Zach Saucier Nov 20 '13 at 4:23

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