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How would one go about adding paging to the NodeJS REPL? I'm building a simple command line app in NodeJS and want to be able to page through output (similar to how the MySQL console lets you page through query results) using less or more as filter programs.

I don't necessarily need the search functionality: just the pausing of the scroll (so I don't have to scroll up to see what's happened) and the ability to cancel the output (so I can quit the output on page 2 of 2000).

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It would be nice, but currently, I run node.js REPL in Gnu screen, where Ctrl-a [ bring into copy mode, then scroll back and search is possible. –  Andrew_1510 Feb 25 '14 at 14:41
possible duplicate of Bundling shell commands in NodeJs spawn –  Paul Sweatte Feb 3 at 17:08

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