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I need to extract 2 parts of data in 2 different columns then concatenate with a string and save to file. see below example how i am expecting data to be saved.

I am getting syntax errors and it may not be producing expected result. i spotted errors with comments below.

//each row is written as below
//part1 =; 
//part2 = ":"; 
//part3 = 8080; 
//finalvalue = - like this it will write row by row

var jsLF="\n";
var ret=null;

var proxynovaurl; //open url
proxynovaurl  =  "CODE:";
proxynovaurl +=  "VERSION BUILD=9002379" + jsLF; 
proxynovaurl +=  "TAB T=1" + jsLF; 
proxynovaurl +=  "TAB CLOSEALLOTHERS" + jsLF; 
proxynovaurl +=  "URL GOTO=http://www.proxynova.com/proxy-server-list/anonymous-proxies/" + jsLF; 

var proxynova; //extract part #1 value
proxynova =  "CODE:";
proxynova += "VERSION BUILD=9002379" + jsLF; 
proxynova += "TAB T=1" + jsLF; 
proxynova += "TAB CLOSEALLOTHERS" + jsLF; 
proxynova += "TAG POS={{i}} TYPE=TD ATTR=* EXTRACT=TXT" + jsLF;
proxynova += "SET !VAR1 {{!EXTRACT}}" + jsLF; //** Potential error in syntax **//
proxynova += "SET !EXTRACT NULL" + jsLF;
//proxynova += "SAVEAS TYPE=EXTRACT FOLDER=C:\\  FILE=ip-address.csv" + jsLF;

var proxynovamid; //use constant for part #2 value
proxynovamid =  "CODE:";
proxynovamid += "VERSION BUILD=9002379" + jsLF; 
proxynovamid += "TAB T=1" + jsLF; 
proxynovamid += "TAB CLOSEALLOTHERS" + jsLF; 
//proxynovamid += "TAG POS={{j}} TYPE=TD ATTR=* EXTRACT=TXT" + jsLF;
proxynovamid += "SET !VAR2 ':'" + jsLF; //** Potential error in syntax **//
//proxynovamid += "SET !EXTRACT NULL" + jsLF;

var proxynova1; //extract part #3 value
proxynova1 =  "CODE:";
proxynova1 += "VERSION BUILD=9002379" + jsLF; 
proxynova1 += "TAB T=1" + jsLF; 
proxynova1 += "TAB CLOSEALLOTHERS" + jsLF; 
proxynova1 += "TAG POS={{j}} TYPE=TD ATTR=* EXTRACT=TXT" + jsLF;
proxynova1 += "SET !VAR3 {{!EXTRACT}}" + jsLF; //** Potential error in syntax **//
proxynova1 += "SET !EXTRACT NULL" + jsLF;

var proxynovafinal;
proxynovafinal =  "CODE:";
proxynovafinal += "ADD !EXTRACT {{VAR1}} + jsLF; //** Potential error in syntax **//
proxynovafinal += "ADD !EXTRACT {{VAR2}} + jsLF; //** Potential error in syntax **//
proxynovafinal += "ADD !EXTRACT {{VAR3}} + jsLF; //** Potential error in syntax **//
proxynovafinal += "SAVEAS TYPE=EXTRACT FOLDER=C:\\  FILE=ip-address.csv" + jsLF;

iimPlay(proxynovaurl); //launch url

for(var i=1;i<=236;i=i+6) //1st loop extract 1st part of value
iimSet("i", i);

//for(var j=17;j<=37;j=j+5) 
//iimSet("j", j);
iimPlay(proxynovamid); //extract 2nd part of value
iimPlay(proxynova1);   //extract 3rd part of value
iimPlay(proxynovafinal); //write final concatinated value to file (Part1+part2+part3)
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  1. add quotes at the end in proxynovafinal block
  2. remove single quotes in proxynovamid
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i did silly mistake again. than for spotting up. it is getting partial data but my loop stuck. i will post another question may be you can answer - stackoverflow.com/questions/20090789/… - –  computerwizardinc Nov 20 '13 at 8:27

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