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I need to understand the format in which I should pass on the arguments to a specific function. I am planning to use spinner library and you can check it's demo here. I need to specify the minimum and the default values to the function spinner. The function in default mode is used as:


However I need to pass on custom values for default and minimum values. The definition of the function is as follows:

(function ($) {
  $.fn.spinner = function (opts) {
    return this.each(function () {
      var defaults = {value:0, min:0}
      var options = $.extend(defaults, opts)
      var keyCodes = {up:38, down:40}
      var container = $('<div></div>')

The link to the js file is here.

I tried $('.spinnerExample').spinner(5,2) but this does not work. I am sure the solution is simple but I dont know javascript well so I am not able to crack it.


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You want to use

$(".spinnerExample").spinner({value: 5, min: 2});

Note that the $.fn.spinner function only a single paramater (opts). It is pretty conventional for jQuery plugins to use an object that is merged with a set of defaults to configure the behavior of the plugin.

In this case, the defaults are {value:0, min:0}. If you want to override one or more of these values, simply pass in an object with matching keys and custom values.

More examples

$(".spinnerExample").spinner({value: 5}); // min will default to 0
$(".spinnerExample").spinner({min: 3}); // value will default to 0
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