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I don't know it happen just to me or Others have the same situation too .

All the time when i bind a DataControl to an ObjectDataSource in "Configure Data Source" wizard of ObjectDataSource,when i set parameter source as "Control" in "ControlId" DropdownList there are TWO Item of every control in the WebForm , while it make sense be one .

Configure Data Source

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Did you figure out why this is happenning? I too have this same issue only on pages that use a master page. The work around is to click on the "Show advanced properties" link on the "Define Parameters". But it sure would be nice to figure out how I can keep the duplicate entries from displaying under ControlID in the first place. –  user570425 Jan 10 '11 at 21:14
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Finally I found out it happen only when i use Master page , But i don't know why .

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