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I'm trying to build a FOSS library to send generic feedbacks using the Android's feedback mechanism just like Google's apps do, but I'm having a few issues.

The problem is, while the APIs are public, including the SEND_BUG_REPORT Intent, there is virtually no documentation on it. My intention is to be able to use the Developer Console - or any other way, if possible, including email - to read feedbacks sent by users. At the same time, while I have a fallback mechanism that sends an email with the logcat and a few system information, it really looks "poor" from a UX standpoint compared to Android native's implementation, and surely is harder to keep track of the reports for a developer.

I've managed to get feedbacks showing in the Developer Console by trying out all the types available for ApplicationErrorReport; the problem is, I have to fake a crash or an ANR. Other report types don't show up in the Developer Console. I checked for reference how Google's own apps do it, and they use the same intent and a couple undocumented tricks (e.g., binding to the feedback service and passing a Screenshot in a parcel). I managed to reproduce the same behaviour, got no errors, and everything seemed to go well, but nothing is showing up either in the Developer Console nor in my email inbox (I thought I'd maybe get feedbacks to the app's registered email address, but that's not the case).

So my question is: has anyone got some information/docs on how to get this properly working, and where do the reports go? You can check out my code in the FWeather repo (it's a FOSS app) if you need further info, or of course just asking me.

I've tried asking some Android Developers Advocate but haven't received an answer for over two months now.

Thanks a lot to anyone that can help!

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Have you seen ACRA? –  ozbek Nov 20 '13 at 9:35
@shoerat yes, that's not what I want to achieve. I'm not looking at a platform to get bug reports, as there are many good ones out there. What I'm looking at here is a good way for users to provide generic feedback, such as "I love your app but I don't understand how to do this, please improve the looks". –  rock3r Nov 20 '13 at 14:54

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