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I need to manipulate the appearance of the an ASP.NET calendar control. I have data that I need to display on the calendar control but I don't want to access the data from within the DayRender event. How do I access the CalendarDay object that represents each day in the calendar without being within the DayRender event?

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Using reflector, it appears that OnDayRender is the only place the CalendarDay class is exposed, so there isn't any other option without developing a custom solution. Even with a custom calendar control, you could only collect the CalendarDay objects within RenderDays/OnDayRender. That is the method they are explicitly created, unfortunately.

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Seems you are correct. The problem is I have to write a lot of clunky code to cache the data from the original request that I need to manipulate the calendar. Really don't like that calendar control...thanks for your help! –  Achilles Jan 6 '10 at 15:42

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