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We are in the process of documenting a newly minted API for our applications. The API has been written in C++ as a set of COM objects. We would like a tool that generates CHM documentation based on the comments attributed to each COM object method. I know of doxygen but don't really feel like the output is all that professional looking (event when output as a CHM). The vast majority of other solutions seem to be directed toward .NET-based APIs which, of course, wouldn't work for us.

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What did you end up doing? I'm in the same boat. Thanks –  Stephen Nutt Jul 26 '12 at 14:59

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Document! X 2005 is the tool we ended up using. Aside from the disconnect between code comments and documentation, this tool is remarkably capable and versatile. It is also capable of detecting changes in the typelib that are not reflected in the documentation project so syncing can be done conveniently if not automatically.

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Not yet ready to give up on doxygen I did see that someone has written a set of xslt transformations to make the xml output from doxygen look very much like the msdn output (which I think looks good and is familiar to windows developers): http://doxycomment.sourceforge.net/

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