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I have a code which lookup for a value in a range and get corresponding value from excell cell. But I alaso want to get the cell reference (cell address) of the next column. How can I get this?

My code for getting the value using vlookup is: BCVE(i + 1) = WorksheetFunction.VLookup(A(i + 1), MySheet.Range("B2:E8"), 2, False)

Now I need to get the cell address of the 4th column of the same row, which is in Column E. I tried the below Index and Match functions but no luck! It throws an error "Unable to get the Match property of the WorkFunction Class" - Run-time error 1004.

I tried replacing Workfunction.Match with Application.Match but it doesn't work.

CellAdd1 = WorksheetFunction.Index(MySheet.Range("E2:E8"), WorksheetFunction.Match(A(i + 1), MySheet.Range("B2:E8"), 0), 4, 1)

Please save me!

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Worksheetfunction.Match should be used on a single column. You're using it on a multi column range.

For example, if your variable CellAdd1 is a range object, you can find the cell in the 4th column of the same row with the following line, and refer to the cell's address with CellAdd1.Address:

Set CellAdd1 = Cells(WorksheetFunction.Match(A(i+1), MySheet.Range("B2:B8"), 0) +1, "E")

I added the '+ 1', since the function returns the relative position of an item in an array, and your array/range starts at row 2.

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