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I have a laravel app with a form that when it is submitted will send a mail. The mail configuration is working properly since the mail is received.

But since the process was quite slow i decided to use Queue.

I have set up Iron mq account and set it up on Laravel4.

So instead of Mail::send i switch to Mail::queue. Here is the code:

      return \Mail::queue($this->view, $this->data, function($message) use($self)
        $message->to($self->email, $self->to)->subject($self->subject);

And in the routes there is simply:

  Route::post('booking', 'HomeController@booking');
  Route::post('rezervesana', 'HomeController@booking'); // This is for the latvian version

When i submit the form, the queue is received in Iron mq dashboard and apparently fired. But no mail is received..

If instead i do something like this:

  Route::post('booking', function()
        return Queue::marshal();    

Then magically it will work in the latvian version (rezervesana) but of course than the english version page does not even open anymore..

So I am quite confused.

The question is: How can I send properly a mail using Mail::queue and how to deal with it in the routes?

I think that the code regarding the Mail::queue is correct, what is wrong can be in routes.

So the real question can be: How I have to set up the routes to make queue working properly? Which is the proper place for Queue::marshal?

Thank you guys! Sorry if it is confused. Hope you can clarify it to me!

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I've used SQS before but not Iron, maybe you should use this?

Route::post('booking', array('before'=>'csrf', 'uses'=>'HomeController@booking'));
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