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I've done a clean node.js install on a Debian Squeeze machine.

Here is the commands I used to achieve this:

useradd -m -d /home/node node
usermod -a -G sudo node
su - node
wget -qO- https://raw.github.com/creationix/nvm/master/install.sh | sh


su - node
nvm install 0.10.20
nvm use 0.10.20
nvm alias default 0.10.20
npm install forever -g

My startup (init.d) scripts for my node apps have a line like this:

su - node -c "forever start -a -w --watchDirectory /var/www/$NAME/ -l /var/log/$NAME/forever.log -o /var/log/planza/$NAME/out.log -e /var/log/$NAME/error.log /var/www/$NAME/app.js"

However, when I start this service, these errors appear:

/home/node/.nvm/nvm.sh: 20: Bad substitution

/home/node/.nvm/nvm.sh: 500: [[: not found

/home/node/.nvm/nvm.sh: 500: [[: not found

/home/node/.nvm/nvm.sh: 500: [[: not found

/home/node/.nvm/nvm.sh: 500: [[: not found

/home/node/.nvm/nvm.sh: 500: [[: not found


nvm.sh starts with #!/bin/sh, but the default shell for squeeze is dash...

These issues have not helped me so far:



If anyone has any tips, hints or solutions, it would be much appreciated.

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