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I have to select a range of values in a bar chart by drawing a double-arrow outside of the CategoryPlot like on the image on the link below.

I've tried JFreeChart IntervalMarker and CategoryMarker, but they're not giving me the needed results and I have to find a way to draw the double-arrow (it's a requirement).


Does someone has an idea how can I achieve this ?


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You can do this but you will have to do some work:

  1. Use a CategoryLineAnnotation to draw a line between categories but as this annotation draws a line between the middle of the categories you are going to have to overide the draw method and change CategoryAnchor.MIDDLE to CategoryAnchor.START and CategoryAnchor.END. This will draw the line you need.

  2. You will need to implement a Stroke with arrows at both ends you can a find an example of an arrow end cap here, here and in CategoryPointerAnnotation#draw()

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