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I have dumped a PostgreSQL database and I would need it to a MySQL as we migrate our project from Heroku to Amazon EC2, where is MySQL.

It's quite a long time when I was doing something similar like raw dumps & SQL queries, so I would like to ask you for help how to make this as smoothly as possible.

I dumped a PostgreSQL database. When I open the file, there are some PostgreSQL commands, table structures and data that belongs to those tables. On the other hand, I have on EC2 a MySQL database with created tables (the same tables as are in the PostgreSQL dump - but all MySQL tables are empty). My goal is to populate the MySQL tables with data from PostgreSQL tables.

How to do that?

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Would help you use a tool to connect into postgree and generate an export script to mysql ? –  Jorge Campos Nov 20 '13 at 12:37
Amazon EC2 also offers Postgres, fwiw. –  Denis de Bernardy Nov 20 '13 at 13:05
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As of 6 days ago Amazon started offering a hosted PostgreSQL service as part of their Relational Database Service. I would seriously considering importing straight back into PostgreSQL and skipping MySQL altogether. Changing to a different DBMS is always more pain than it's worth.

You can import your dump by running it using psql, like this: psql -f <backup_filename> <target_db>. See Amazon's docs for more

If you're really set on migrating to MySQL you can try a simple tool like openDBcopy or something more comprehensive (and complicated) like Talend Studio.

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If you have text file created by pg_dump then in this file you can see data from source database as COPY command or as series of INSERT commands. Both should be easy to import to any other database. Maybe you will have to change string representation of dates. COPY format is simply CSV and for this you will have to write import program, for example Jython: Python language that can work with JDBC drivers. With Jython you can easily parse CSV data and import it into destination database using JDBC PreparedStatement with proper INSERT.

If you have connection to both databases at once you can "pump" destination database using various tools. As Jython fan I simply use JDBC with code like:

insert_stmt.setObject(i, rs_in.getObject(i))

where insert_stmt isprepareStatement() with INSERT... and rs_in is record set of executeQuery()

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