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I am using javax.validation.constraints.Pattern.

The pojo i'm adding the pattern also contains a List object. How can I add the @Pattern annotation so it would check the elements?

private List<String> myListOfStrings;


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If instead of String you had some custom object, annotating the List with @Valid and expressing the rules in the custom object would do the trick.

For this case (you cannot express validations in the String class) I believe the best chance is a custom validator to apply a pattern on a list of strings:

private List<String> myListOfStrings;

The annotation would roughly look like:

public @interface ListPattern {
    ... // standard stuff

And the validator:

public class ListPatternValidator
    implements ConstraintValidator<ListPattern, List<?>> {

    public void initialize(ListPattern constraintAnnotation) {
        // see Pattern implementation

    public boolean isValid(List<?> value, ConstraintValidatorContext context) {
        for( Object o : value ) {
            if( does not match ) return false;
        return true;
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