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I have a little problem with designing database. On webpage i need to display image by 4 with specified order but not every image in quad has to be uploaded.


I created a model image_quad with fields img1,img2,img3,img4

Every image will link to other project so i had to add new fields anw it look like

img1, img1_project_id, img2, img2_project_id, img3, img3_project_id, img4, img4_project_id

the problem is how to bind that model to Projects? It doesnt use cake convention (project_id) and i think writing $this->Project->find() for every img(x)_project_id isnt good.


Model Quad

Model QuadImage with [id][quad_id][project_id][image][order]
Where order is place in quad (1,2,3,4)

It is better but now, how to display images in good places in view ? I mean QuadImage with 'order' 3 on 3rd place etc. I can't write them one by one because in some quads there could not be all images.


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Well, that's a pretty bad approach to handle file references. What you're after is basically a set of images, you call it quad, I would call it gallery or collection. A proper DB design for that would be something like that for example.

Project hasOne Gallery, Gallery hasMany Image

Each file should be a single record for multiple reasons. Each project has a set (gallery) of images.

I don't fully understand what you try to do but this might work as well:

Project hasAndBelongsTomany Image

The join table will have the order field to give them a specific order. This DB design will work for you in the case you want to sure multiple images.

Checkout my FileStorage plugin, it will take care of the file handling and keeps references to them.

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