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I have created a backbone model as follows

var note_model = Backbone.Model.extend({
    default    : {
        HistoryKey  : "",
        InsertDate  : "",
        MemberKey   : "",
        NoteDate    : "",
        ContactNote : "",
        UserId      : ""
    initialize : function(note) { 
        this.HistoryKey  = note.historykey;
        this.InsertDate  = note.insertdateUTC;
        this.MemberKey   = note.memberkey;
        this.NoteDate    = note.notedateUTC;
        this.ContactNote = note.contactnote;
        this.UserId      = note.userid; 

Now i have created a collection where a url is defined and i populated the model by using the fetch method of collection.Now after populating the model whenever i'm accessing the model data using


I'm getting the data but when i'm trying to use


I'm getting undefined value. The structure of the JSON data is something like this

        "historykey": 4,
        "insertdateUTC": "2013-11-15T23:21:44.247",


However if i use


I'm getting proper data. My question is why i'm not getting data using member.get("HistoryKey").

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You should use set to change the attributes of your model:

this.set('HistoryKey', note.historykey);
this.set('InsertDate', note.insertdateUTC);
this.set('MemberKey', note.memberkey);
this.set('NoteDate', note.notedateUTC);
this.set('ContactNote', note.contactnote);
this.set('UserId', note.userid); 

And get to access to the properties.

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can you please say that why = operator is not working here? –  Angshu Guha Nov 20 '13 at 14:30
@AngshuGuha = operator is setting a property directly to the object while Backbone uses an internal object to handle the properties of a model. –  Jonathan Naguin Nov 20 '13 at 14:34

You should use this.set("HistoryKey", note.historykey) in the initialize method. What you are doing is setting a property on the object, but what you want to do is set an attribute on the Backbone model. If in your example you'd write console.log(this.HistoryKey) in the initialize method, you would get the value you are looking for. Read this: http://backbonejs.org/#Model-set

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