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In SAS you can do.

data a(rename=(a=b) );
  a = 1;

to rename a variable in the data step data statement (or data step header as I call it).

What's the syntax to change the label? I tried

data a(label=(a='a to b') );
  a = 1;

But it doesn't work.

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data a;
    label x="label"; * original label;

proc datasets lib=work nolist;
    modify a;
    label x='new label';
run; quit;
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Even though you can't do it in the data step header. The reason why I wanted to do it in the datastep header is to save a cycle of IO. The proc datasets methods seems to be able to achieve that. –  xiaodai Jan 6 '10 at 2:17
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I don't think manipulating label via data step options is possible. For manipulating label using data step, either one is fine:

attrib a label='a to b';
label a='a to b';

but I guess you already knew.

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