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I'm using XAMPP and the only way I can enter phpMyAdmin is without a Password and with a made up username. I've forgot my real credentials because I hadn't used XAMPP for a while.

If I try to enter with the username: root it doesn't work.

Upon entering phpMyAdmin I have no privileges whatsoever and thus can't even create a new safe user\password combination.

I've tried many things and don't know what else to do. Can you please help?

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You're technically resetting the password of MySQL, not phpMyAdmin (as phpMyAdmin is just an interface to access MySQL). I don't use XAMPP so don't promise this won't inadvertently break something else along the way (thought I can't imagine what would depend on having the root password), but there are many pages with suggestions. If your phpMyAdmin auth_type is config, you'll also need to put the new password in the configuration file; otherwise just type the new password when you log in.

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Please open config.inc.php in phpmyadmin folder with your code editor and you can find your username and password there

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I have done that but using what's there doesn't work either... –  Mary Nov 20 '13 at 15:02

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