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Is there any good book or material which covers C# unit testing using mocks in depth?

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How about The Art of Unit Testing. This is .NET specific, and should be fairly up to date.

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There is a rather good book describing how to use NUnit and NMock to do C# unit testing:

Pragmatic Unit Testing in C#

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There are lots of documents on the nmock web site:

http://www.nmock.org/tutorial.html http://www.nmock.org/advanced.html

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Extreme Programming Adventures in C# is well rated and deals with Mock Objects. It could be a bit outdated (current edition is 2004).

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also there is a video Course http://www.udemy.com/tdd-in-net-with-roy-osherove?from=aout

TDD Masterclass in .NET with Roy Osherove
Over 14 lectures and 9.5 hrs of content! for 79$

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