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I'm loading a ByteArray via a websocket that includes several chunks of jpeg image data along with x ,y ,width and height values.

I'm using a Uint8Array typed array to load it and arrayBuffer and DataView to read the data so I can draw it on the canvas at the relevant xy position. I use a slice() to grab the the bytes that belong to each jpeg image in a loop. Something like:

var arrayBuffer = array.buffer;
var jpegByteArray = arrayBuffer.slice(pointer, amountOfBytes + pointer);

This works fine on Chrome / Firefox and iOS 6+, but the slice() function fails on Android Stock Browser - any recommended efficient alternatives?

To confirmt this outside of my code I used this page - Android stock browser still fails on slice() - I've tried ICS and JellyBean.

Any advice greatly appreciated!

Thanks :)

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Stuck on the same thing. I have built a webupload which cuts the files into chunks and I also use the slice function for that. Not working on android though. Tried ponting slice on Array.prototype.slice with no avail, tried to read manually but I can not find any way to read a part from a file as a bytearry (and everything I read tells me it is evil to try that and I should use slice -.-). – Lorgarn Sep 16 '14 at 12:18
I never found a solution to this, ended up targeting Android Chrome only (which isn't ideal - but suitable for us atm) – tekgrl Oct 22 '14 at 14:43

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