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I have a static directory: /var/tmp/files

This directory is only shared with users for upload/download via SFTP, it has some static file names such as:

from another PC via SFTP those files are getting removed/edited/updated/added etc Now another path: /var/www/html/livevideo-stream/

those files are copied, moved from /var/tmp/files

How can i using BASH read those files were edited or newly added or overwritten? So, that my script can move valid contents from /var/tmp/files to livevide-stream only those which has been modified or newly added etc?

$ crontab i have:
0 7 * * * /var/tmp/
0 8 * * * /var/tmp/
0 9 * * * /var/tmp/
0 19 * * * /var/tmp/
0 20 * * * /var/tmp/

$ cat /var/tmp/

cd /var/tmp/files
while :

  how do we now validate those files which was modified or changed or newly added and place them in that directory?
  # echo $1 $2
  cp -R /var/tmp/files/* /var/www/html/livevideo-stream/
  sleep 1

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Don't use cp, use rsync for this. – anubhava Nov 20 '13 at 15:36
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Your cron will launch your script several times per hour, and your script does not terminate due to the while : loop... You will end up with a lot of background scripts trying to copy stuff ever second.

You should simply replace the whole script with

rsync -vaq /var/tmp/files/* /var/www/html/livevideo-stream/
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