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I want to change some lines in smali file. I converted android's classes.dex to classes.jar by using dex2jar. then used jd-gui to see source files and saved them . from this I got .java files . after editing I want to recompile them to see the differences in resulting smali by recompiling it , convert jar to dex , atlast redecompile it see differences in smali is this possible?

I want to do like this because source code is easy to understand and doing edits than editing smali

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If you just want to change stuff directly in the smali files, there's no need to mess around with dex2jar or jd-gui. Just modify the smali files directly and reassemble with smali. –  JesusFreke Nov 20 '13 at 20:47

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Check the link below. Only thing to point out when I copied and pasted the command lines, I got an error. I just retyped the commands and it worked.


or an even more detailed version


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