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I am trying to paint over a ComboBox in winforms and I want to maintain the height of 21 but whenever I turn on userpaint, the height of the ComboBox increases to 24 and I am unable to change it.

    protected override void OnDropDownStyleChanged( EventArgs Args ) {

        base.OnDropDownStyleChanged( Args );
        SetStyle( ControlStyles.UserPaint, DropDownStyle == ComboBoxStyle.DropDownList );


Commenting out the SetStyle line will make the height behave as it should but my overridden OnPaint method will not apply. Is there a way to paint over the ComboBox while still maintaining its original height of 21?

(EDIT) I fixed it with this:

    public CustomComboBox( ) {
        DrawMode = System.Windows.Forms.DrawMode.OwnerDrawVariable;

(EDIT2) Now text isn't showing up on my dropdown list.

(EDIT3) Fixed again:

fix found here: OwnerDrawVariable Combobox DropDown Blank Space

[ my version ]

    protected override void OnDrawItem( DrawItemEventArgs Args ) {

        Args.DrawBackground( );

        Int32 Index = Args.Index;

        if ( Index < 0 || Index >= Items.Count ) {

        using ( Brush ItemBrush = new SolidBrush( Args.ForeColor ) ) {

            Rectangle ItemRectangle = new Rectangle( );
            ItemRectangle.X = Args.Bounds.Left;
            ItemRectangle.Y = Args.Bounds.Top + ( ( Args.Bounds.Height - ItemHeight ) / 2 );
            ItemRectangle.Width = Args.Bounds.Width;
            ItemRectangle.Height = ItemHeight;
            Args.Graphics.DrawString( Items[ Args.Index ].ToString( ), Args.Font, ItemBrush, ItemRectangle );


        Args.DrawFocusRectangle( );

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Yes, you told the control that you would take care of the drawing part now. You have work to do. –  LarsTech Nov 20 '13 at 19:10
yep ^.^ I edited my post again with the code I used to solve the problem again (with reference from a different post). –  Sinomai Nov 20 '13 at 19:34

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