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On a mapped network drive R: there are multiple folders that I have been asked to copy using xcopy to preserve meta-data to a different target directory on another mapped network drive "T:\username\Destination"


Since there are multiple source directories, I need to preserve their folder names when copied into the destination folder.


no matter what switches I use with the xcopy command The result I always get is:
T:\Username\Destination(all of the files WITHIN Target1)

Which is not what I want.

I have not been able to use robocopy for the same reason.

I know about specifying the folder name in the destination of the xcopy command, but that won't work because it will create a new folder with new meta-data and not use the meta-data of the source folder.

Thank you for your assitance

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This is probably where you need to reach out to PowerShell tools; this might not be possible with a cmd.exe one-liner. –  Brighid McDonnell Nov 20 '13 at 23:18

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