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I am trying to create oAuth 2.0 app and have decided to separate Auth server and Resource servers. How should I go about maintaining state in Clients

Client will request for auth token to auth server. And auth server will verify and send in tokens. Till this part I understand. How should I now be using token. Should I be doing request to Resource server directly with access token and Resource server should verify that access token with Auth server? OR should I be first making request to auth server and then verify and forward request to Resource server?

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The RFC ( suggests:

(F) The resource server validates the access token, and if valid, serves the request.

but also that:

The interaction between the authorization server and resource server is beyond the scope of this specification.

My instinct would be to have your resource server receive a request and then either validate the access token itself if possible - and otherwise query the auth server as necessary rather than have the auth server proxy requests.

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I will accept this answer. That is what i think i should do aswell. Thank you – Yalamber Nov 21 '13 at 4:10
Where should the login part be? in Auth server or resource server itself? – Yalamber Nov 21 '13 at 8:13
I'd expect your auth server to be the one that issues the access token. – aeijdenberg Nov 21 '13 at 16:05

Accessing Protected Resources

The client accesses protected resources by presenting the access token to the resource server. The resource server MUST validate the access token and ensure that it has not expired and that its scope covers the requested resource. The methods used by the resource server to validate the access token (as well as any error responses) are beyond the scope of this specification but generally involve an interaction or coordination between the resource server and the authorization server.

The method in which the client utilizes the access token to authenticate with the resource server depends on the type of access token issued by the authorization server. Typically, it involves using the HTTP "Authorization" request header field [RFC2617] with an authentication scheme defined by the specification of the access token type used, such as [RFC6750].

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