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im trying to write a program in mars, mips assembly that calculate square root of any integer , i managed to create a program using a for loop that calculate the root without a floating point , for example user input is 9, answer will be 3 user input is 5 answer will be 2 insted of 2.236 maybe somehow i can extract 2 or 3 digits after the floating point, for this case the number 236 and just present the outcome using syscall command as 2dot236 if possible???, another hard issue that is i *cant use floating registers!!*. the code i have written so far: hope you can help me....


 string1: .ascii "please enter integer:\n"


li $v0,5  


add $t0,$t0,$v0

li $t1,0

add $t2,$t2,$v0 

add $t3,$t3,$v0

add $s1,$s1,$v0

srl $t4,$v0,1


slt $s2,$t1,$t4

beqz $s2,end

div $t6,$t0,$s1

add $s1,$s1,$t6

srl $s1,$s1,1

addi $t1,$t1,1

j loop


li $a0,0  

add $a0,$a0,$s1

li $v0,1

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Why can't you use floats? And what do you intend to do with root 2? –  Konrad Lindenbach Nov 20 '13 at 20:50
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