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I am looking for a general purpose memoizer that can be applied to any method by simply adding an annotation/decorator above the method definition. For example, the Spring Framework provides @Cacheable. http://docs.spring.io/spring/docs/3.2.x/spring-framework-reference/html/cache.html

However, I also need the following features:

  1. the cache should persist on disk, so that I don't have to recompute values when I run the code again
  2. the cache key should be a function of the method's source code, so that if I change my code between runs, the memoizer does not mistakenly reload old results

In Python, Joblib is a pipelining tool that provides this exact functionality. Is it possible to get Spring's @Cacheable to do this? Or a lighter weight way?

In case this triggers anyone's memory, here is a list of tools that seem like they could be helpful. I haven't been able to do a deep investigation of all of them.

  • Guava's Cache library
  • AspectJ
  • Ehcache (seems like this is more than I need)
  • javax.cache
  • Java Caching System
  • Pipelining systems: pipe4j, Apache Commons Pipeline
  • Tek271 Memoizer (not much documentation)
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I would suggest looking at imcache. You can use @Cacheable and imcache will persist evicted values to disk via EvictionListener.

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