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I ran accross a CSR file (Certificate Signing Request) and I need to extract some information from it.

There's a way to decode it using .NET Framework?

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There's an online tool at sslshopper.com/csr-decoder.html if you just want to look at it manually. –  Rory Oct 1 '13 at 10:08

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It's not .NET, but for interactive use, try the OpenSSL utilities. Specifically:

openssl req -text -in request.csr
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Decoding a CSR is easy if you employ the OpenSSL.NET library:

// Load the CSR file
var csr = new X509Request(BIO.File("C:/temp/test.csr", "r"));
var csr = new X509Request(@"-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE REQUEST-----...");

// Read CSR file properties

X509Request type has properties to get everything out of your CSR file text.

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Try Liping Dai's website. His LCLib has ASN1 Parser which wrote in C#. It can decode CSR. Work for me.

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There's no way to decode a CSR, by design. If you could, you could alter the properties and defeat the whoe purpose of SSL.

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CAs typically disregard most of the information in the CSR when determining a name to bind to the key. The key is what matters; the other properties are just hints for the name. –  erickson Dec 9 '08 at 17:10
cool, learned something new today –  jwmiller5 Dec 18 '08 at 4:35
You can decode the CSR, otherwise the CA wouldn't be able to validate and return a certificate. You can't alter it, as that would make the signature invalid. –  Dave Transom Oct 9 '12 at 21:16

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